Tecnoform's reaction to Coronavirus - Update on April 7th 2020

following the new Prime Minister’s Decree issued on April 2nd 2020

Dear Customer,

in the very last Prime Minister’s Decree it has been established that:

  • From April 14th 2020, the Italian facilities without positive cases to Coronavirus can get back to work and to produce
  • It is necessary to continue to comply with safety measures, such as keeping the distance between people
  • The freight transports and the gasoline stations are guaranteed


As you know, Tecnoform has never stopped operating. All our staffs (technical, design, commercial, purchasing, marketing and administration) have remained open. Only the production plant has been closed since 23rd March.

So, we of Tecnoform are very happy to announce you that from Tuesday April 14th also the production area will get back to produce. All our daily productions and logistic activities will run normally.

We reopen in the certainty that there are no sick people in our Tecnoform team.


Actions decided by Tecnoform:

  • The Company will continue to follow all the main guidelines suggested by the Government in order to guarantee the public health and to safeguard the health of our employees and office workers
  • Tecnoform will keep promoting home smart working for all activities that don’t require the staff presence in the Company
  • Meetings within Company staff, customers, suppliers and stakeholders will continue to be virtual
  • The sanitization of working areas will be guaranteed every 15 days
  • All the business travels are cancelled or postponed



For further information, you can write to info@tecnoform.com

We will update you about any change.

April 7th 2020, Bologna

Renzo Kerkoc


CEO Tecnoform