Tecnoform’s reaction to Coronavirus - Update on March 12th 2020 following the Prime Minister’s Decree issued on March 11th 2020

Tecnoform’s reaction to Coronavirus


Update on March 12th 2020

following the Prime Minister’s Decree issued on March 11th 2020

In the Prime Minister’s Decree has been established that:

  • The Italian Production Facility can continue to produce
  • All the public and social activities are closed
  • The freight transports and the gasoline stations are guaranteed
  • All the Corporates have to organize home smart working for mostly office workers as possible
  • Hospital, distributions of food products and pharmacy are open
  • In order to go to work, the body temperature must not exceed 37,5° C

These ministerial guidelines are valid until March 25th 2020 for now.

Tecnoform is open and operational. All daily productions and logistic activities are running smoothly and for the time being our supply chain is not facing any type of issue.

We are following all the measures suggested by the Government. Many of our office workers are adopting the home smart working.

For those who continue working in the Corporate offices, we guarantee the safety distance between the desks.

We provided all our employees with mandatory personal protective equipment and with disinfectant substances.

Unauthorised persons must not have access to Tecnoform. The couriers can not get off the trucks, otherwise they have to use mandatory head mask and latex gloves. In any case, they can not enter into the production site. Chemical toilets have been made available just to them.

For further information, you can write to info@tecnoform.com                                                                                                                               



                                                                                                                                  Renzo Kerkoc


                                                                                                                                CEO Tecnoform