Tecnoform's reaction to Coronavirus - Update on March 17th 2020

 Tecnoform’s reaction to Coronavirus


Update on March 17th 2020

following the new Protocol adopted by the Italian Government on March 14th 2020

In the above last Protocol has been established news rules for Companies:

  • The Italian Production Facility without viral cases can continue to produce
  • All the Corporates have to organize home smart working as much as possible
  • The freight transports and the gasoline stations are running
  • In order to go to work, the body temperature must not exceed 37,5° C. Otherwise the access is denied
  • All the meetings must be virtual
  • The sanitization of working area must be guaranteed
  • All the business travels have to be cancelled or postponed

These ministerial guidelines are valid until March 25th 2020 for now.

Actions decided by Tecnoform:

  • We are following all the measures suggested by the Government
  • The outsiders without authorization must not have access to Tecnoform
  • The freight transporters can not get off the trucks
  • Next Wednesday night, all the buildings and offices will be sanitised to be ready by Thursday morning


Some logistic difficulties are running, but we are still receiving mostly of the materials by the suppliers.

The logistic operators are telling us that they have some delivery issues, at the moment still acceptable.

By implementing our guidelines and being aware about the complexity of the moment,

TECNOFORM continues its activities, still open and operational.

For further information, you can write to info@tecnoform.com

Day by day, we will check the possibilities to go on with the production and we will update you about any change.

                                                                                                                      Renzo Kerkoc

                                                                                                           CEO Tecnoform