Tecnoform's reaction to Coronavirus

The latest news regarding the spread of Coronavirus report an unexpected viral spread in Northern Italy. The most afflicted districts, located in Lombardy and Veneto regions, have disposed special measures to contain the outbreak such as: moving ban, mandatory personal protective equipment, closing of all public places and suspension of all public events. To such an extent, the involved Italian regions are facing infection, ensuring the least possible spread.

Tecnoform, located in Bologna - Emilia Romagna region, therefore outside the red contamination area, is open and operational. All daily production and logistics activities are running smoothly and for the time being our supply chain is not facing any type of issue.

Still, Tecnoform has decided to confront the potential risk, adhering to the preventive measures suggested by the Ministry of Health, as well as adopting procedures and behaviours aimed at reducing the risks of possible disease outbreak.

Until the situation returns to normal, we will limit needless meetings with suppliers and customers.

For ensuring the continuity of efficient relationships with our business partners, we will make use of the multimedia audio and video communication media, in order to be connected during inter-company meetings.

Our sales department will contact you and we will fix together the best possible meeting conditions.

In the event of any evolution, we will keep you constantly updated.

For further information and updates, please write to info@tecnoform.com