November 2017 - It is a great pride and prestige for Tecnoform to join its partnership with Winnebago and the RV Business Magazine International Innovation Award announced on November 29, 2017 at the International RV Trade Show International Fair in Louisville, United States .
Thanks to Tecnoform, who has taken care of the furniture, Winnebago has received a prestigious award for the design and construction of the new class A, Horizon® interior.
With constant commitment and investments, Tecnoform has created a new way of conceiving VR furnishing. First he did it in Europe, now he is doing it in the rest of the world.
We are really happy to have realized a highly innovative project that marks a new benchmark in a particular segment of leisure vehicles.
Our company for the last twenty years has established the trends of style, technology and comfort for leisure vehicles, and the new Horizon®.
In 2017 in Louisville, United States, the new Horizon®, thanks to its modern style, its contemporary look, high quality LED lighting fixtures all captured
Among the companies strengthened a long-standing collaboration started when Winnebago chose our company as a partner for interior furnishings by setting up their Tecnoform class A. Today, Tecnoform aims to consolidate its leadership in the design of furniture for the recreational vehicle sector, both stylistically and technologically.
Our intent is to incessantly encourage ever-closer collaboration with customers from the very beginning of the project, creating strong connections in the "joint design" and "joint engineering".