Tecnoform’s reaction to Coronavirus - Update on May 7th 2020

Tecnoform’s reaction to Coronavirus

following the new Prime Minister’s Decree issued on April 26th 2020

Dear Customer,

in the very last Prime Minister’s Decree it has been established that:

  • From May 4th 2020, the Italian facilities, the construction site and all activities that provide public utility services can get back to work and to produce
  • The manufacturing sector reopened
  • The shipyards reopened
  • The freight transports and the gasoline stations are guaranteed
  • Each Company must follow a security protocol

As stated previously, Tecnoform has never stopped operating. All our staffs (technical, design, commercial, purchasing, marketing and administration) have remained open adopting home remote working. Only the production plant has been closed from 23rd March to April 14th.

From April 15th, all our daily productions and logistic activities are running normally.

Our supply chain is working. All our suppliers reopened.


Summary of actions decided by Tecnoform accordind to our security protocol (anti-covid19 – Tecnoform S.p.A.) issued on May 7th 2020


  • We provided all our employees with mandatory personal protective equipment and with disinfectant substances
  • The sanitization of working areas is guaranteed every 7 days
  • In order to access the company, the body temperature must not exceed 37,5° C. Otherwise the entrance is denied
  • Unauthorised persons must not have access to Tecnoform. The couriers cannot get off the trucks, otherwise they must use mandatory head mask and latex gloves. In any case, they cannot enter into the production site. Chemical toilets have been made available just to them.
  • Tecnoform is promoting home remote working for all activities that don not require the staff presence in the Company
  • Meetings with customers, suppliers and stakeholders will continue to be virtual
  • All the business travels to Italy, Europe, USA and Australia have been suspended

For further information, you can write to info@tecnoform.com

We will update you about any change.

Renzo Kerkoc

CEO Tecnoform